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Scala Japan Team at Digital Signage
Japan 2022

Last week the Scala Japan team presented at Digital Signage Japan 2022 – the largest show in Japan exclusively dedicated to showcasing innovative digital communications and interactive technology solutions for customer-and employee-facing organisations.

The team spoke about the latest digital signage technologies and trends and explained how digital signage enables businesses to distinguish themselves from the competition, create superior customer experiences and drive sales.

LINQ all-in-one intelligent tablets

LINQ tablets match powerful performance with a sturdy design to deliver best-of-class immersive digital experiences. LINQ tablets are designed to withstand continuous commercial use in any demanding high-volume environment and are optimised for fixed applications such as point of sale (POS), digital catalogues, digital signage, self-service kiosks, and interactive guided selling solutions.
Lift & Learn

In addition, the Scala team introduced several new solutions.

Scala CMS

Lift & Learn is an interactive solution that presents customers with an engaging, personalised shopping experience. Lifting a product triggers product information to be displayed on a screen, allowing customers to learn more about the product and facilitating product comparison. Analytics gathered can help retailers optimise store display and improve sales conversion.
Smart Fitting Room

Scala’s Smart Fitting Rooms make the fitting room experience hassle-free and enjoyable, helping retailers to improve the customer experience and increase purchase conversions. Each fitting room is equipped with a physical buzzer. Customers can request for assistance while in the fitting room by simply pressing the buzzer, which sends an instant notification (on-screen and audio) to staff.

Heightened Interest in Digital Signage

The response was very positive. After two years of uncertainty and muted economic activity, businesses were back in action with much enthusiasm and drive to reinvigorate growth. The audience recognised the rapid changes in customer preferences and was truly keen to explore the possibilities of next-generation digital signage.

Scala Offers Comprehensive Digital Signage Solutions

Scala offers a range of comprehensive digital signage solutions to cater to unique business requirements. Be it a café, retail store, educational institute or healthcare facility, Scala solutions help to push targeted content in real-time, optimise omnichannel marketing tactics and drive powerful customer experiences.

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