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How Digital Signage Guides
Shoppers to the Perfect Father’s
Day Gift

Blog written by Esther Chew

In preparation for Father’s Day, customers and retailers alike are getting ready to honour their fathers. With consumers in the United States expected to spend nearly $20 billion on gifts and other items for Father’s Day this year, it is evident that retail stores receive a boost from Father’s Day spending.

While ‘high demand’ is indeed a positive sign, you can’t ignore the competition. Many retail stores compete to win customers and make more profits this year. So, how do retailers distinguish themselves and stand out? How do they attract and engage shoppers this coming Father’s Day?

Besides the ability to tune into the unique needs of customers, retailers can consider enhancing the in-store experience by leveraging Father’s Day digital signage.

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How does Digital Signage Help and Guide Shoppers?

Digital signage influences shoppers’ purchase decisions right at the point of purchase. Instore digital signage that displays popular products for fathers and the latest promotions offers suggestions to shoppers who are clueless about what to buy. Other retail digital signage solutions such as Lift & Learn that facilitate product comparison and discovery help shoppers nail the right product to purchase.

Meanwhile, retail POS tablets offer a modern touch and promote personalisation and interactivity by providing guided shopping; they also enable brands to create an “endless aisle” for shoppers, giving them the ability to buy products online that are not available in-store and thereby avoiding potential customer walkouts.

In addition, an in-store video wall featuring real-time product reviews helps shoppers to understand the products better by hearing feedback from product users.

Tips for Retail Digital Signage for Father’s Day

Here we suggest several ways that retailers can utilise retail digital signage to capture more sales this year:

Curate dad-centric merchandise

First, retailers need to showcase dad-centric merchandise. The most popular gift categories for Father’s Day include:

● Personal care
● Gadgets
● Home and gardening
● Tools
● Appliances
● Drinks & barware
● Men’s accessories

Latest research shows that people want to buy unique gifts or items that create a special memory.

Alternatively, greeting cards for dads would also be a popular choice.
Put simply, help drive purchase by showcasing popular gift choices for dads.

Run conditional promotions

Retail digital signage has the power to draw customers’ attention with its vivid visuals and videos. Displaying conditional Father’s Day promotions increase shoppers’ likelihood to purchase the advertised product. Besides time-based advertising to capture the after-work or weekend crowds, retailers can also announce special offers to attract more footfall and drive sales.

Add Humour with Dad Jokes

Father’s Day is the only day when dad jokes are well-received. Retailers can display dad jokes on in-store signage or inject a sense of humour (while still being respectful) into their ads.

Drive More Father’s Day Sales with Scala Digital Signage

Scala specialises in empowering global retail brands to improve their customer experience and drive sales. Brands like Kiehl’sHunkemoller and Lego trust Scala.

Scala retail solutions are reliable, scalable and infinitely customisable to suit unique business needs. To learn more about what Scala can do for your retail store, visit here.

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Jasdeep Kohli, Vice President Marketing – APAC at STRATACACHE, leads the spectrum of marketing initiatives across the Asia-Pacific region, covering customer engagement & product marketing, digital and social media marketing, branding & public relations. With extensive cross disciplinary expertise in marketing, branding and management, he has been a key driver in promoting STRATACACHE as a thought leader and extending its brand presence in APAC.

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