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Digital Signage Improves Patient Experiences

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Hospitals are well-known for being high stress environments; with all the hustle and bustle across various departments, clear, targeted and effective communication is crucial to ensure that key information does not become lost in the noise. To overcome the challenge of distributing information to the right audience, many hospitals are now modernising their facilities with the addition of healthcare digital signage.

By placing digital displays at key access points and in heavily trafficked areas, hospitals can ensure that staff, patients and visitors are able to access the information they need when they need it.

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Healthcare digital signage such as digital self-service kiosks, interactive digital screens, digital wayfinders and video walls help hospitals to build a trusted brand, engage patients and visitors, and communicate important information.

From boosting productivity to delivering personalised care, there are many advantages to be gained from investing in healthcare digital signage solutions.

Here are 5 key advantages of incorporating digital signage in hospitals.

Modernise Your Hospital with Scala Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare digital signage helps hospitals to enhance patient and visitor experiences. Self-service check-ins, digital displays, video walls and wayfinding kiosks all work together to deliver seamless, meaningful and personalised interactions.

Scala provides effective and reliable healthcare digital signage solutions to elevate the patient experience, streamline operations, and promote a safe and pleasant environment.

Renowned hospitals worldwide including Pantai Hospital, Dr Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical Group and Healthcare Einstein Network have gone digital with Scala and have seen significant improvements in communication, efficiency and patient satisfaction.

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