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5 Ways Digital Signage Enhances the Travel Industry


Blog written by Scala Team

Did you know? The Asia-Pacific travel and tourism industry is expected to generate a revenue of $692 billion this year. Tourism is one of the world’s largest profit-driving industries and according to the United Nations , contributes to 11% of global GDP.

In the first two months of 2022, Southeast Asia witnessed a surge in tourist arrivals as it welcomed over 580,000 international travellers. Thailand is leading the charge with almost half of all international visitors in the subregion as of YTD February 2022.

The aggressive growth of the tourism sector in the Asia-pacific region has been fueled by better economic growth, rising disposable income, better infrastructure, and relaxation in travel restrictions.

The growth outlook looks positive, and governments are investing in incorporating new technologies in the tourism industry to make travel more seamless and its growth sustainable.

Governments Embrace Digitalisation
To enhance the travel experience, governments are embracing digitalisation, paving the way for modern digital signage solutions to accelerate the sector’s growth as travel restrictions ease. For instance, transportation digital signage has been utilised to provide visitors with real-time transport updates, directional guidance and even entertainment.

To cater to the recent influx in tourists, the Suvarnabhumi Airport is all set to go digital next month. Passengers without baggage can check-in via a kiosk at the airport or a smartphone application at home. A biometric system and face recognition system will be deployed to check passengers’ identity.

In this blog, we will share how digital signage integration in the travel industry enhances visitors’ experiences.

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Five ways digital signage enhances the travel industry


Airports/Train stations can be difficult to navigate for busy travellers. Transportation digital signage and interactive wayfinding maps guide customers to their destination.

The wayfinding kiosk enhances the travellers’ experience by providing information such as terminal maps, top tourist attractions, baggage claim locations, airport cafeterias, lounges, public transportation, and information about nearby local restaurants and hotels.

Provide Real-Time Information

Flight Information Display System (FIDS) and Passenger Information Display System (PIDS) are the backbone of airports and transportation hubs. They keep travellers informed by displaying real-time flight/train schedules, boarding updates, and baggage belt information in multi-languages.

Self-Service Check-In

Self-service check-in kiosks minimise queues and offer travellers a fuss-free check-in experience. Passengers can easily check-in their bags via the automated baggage drop-off facility, which features a user-friendly interface to print bag tags and boarding passes. This increases passenger engagement and boosts efficiency.

Reduce Perceived Wait Times

Waiting area digital signage can display infotainment, weather updates and news to entertain travellers while they wait for their flight and reduce perceived wait times. Interactive digital displays can also feature custom greeting messages and festive videos to create a positive ambience.

Display Emergency Information

Transportation digital signage display real-time emergency alerts and critical information like delayed or cancelled flights, security threats, and changes in flight/train schedules to ensure the safety of travellers and help them plan their trip better.

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As the tourism industry bounces back and gears up for the future, digital signage for the travel industry has emerged as a universal solution to reform and enhance the passenger experience.

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