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8 Benefits of Retail Digital Signage

Blog written by Esther Chew

The world of static signs is almost over. Dynamic messaging is now the way forward. If you are a retailer, then, as a commercial entity, one of the best investments to boost your sales and marketing is investing in retail digital signage.

Digital signage come in many forms, including screens, LED displays and touch-based interactive systems. Retail digital signage solutions enable retailers to access several features that would be impossible with static displays.

Let us take a look at several key advantages of retail digital signage.

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1. Interactive Displays

Digital signage is becoming omnipresent, mainly due to their high interactivity. They elevate the customer experience by enabling simple touch interactions and personalisations.

Dynamic messaging is noticed five to 10 times more than static media, while messaging recall is two to five times1. As such, digital signage strategically placed outside your store or at the mall entrance can entice customers to visit your outlet.

2. Advertising

Retail digital signage can give that slight push to undecided shoppers. Give them a glimpse of your brand’s sale dates, expected stock, last year’s sale reviews, upcoming deals or offers, etc. Place this information at the store entrance and watch how customers walking by will take notice.

Further, adding a call to action helps to translate keen interest into a sale. For example, you may add a QR code that directs customers to the store website or to a page where they can input their contact details and sign up for notifications on upcoming sales.

3. Mall Navigation

With the objective of attracting more customers and prolonging their time spent at the mall, mall developers and operators are looking to provide a unique shopping and entertainment experience with strong branding and clear directional signage to enhance the shopping experience and help visitors to move around the mall easily. In this regard, an interactive wayfinding digital signage enables visitors to see dynamic paths on how to get somewhere from their current location.

4. Point-of-Sale Content Placement

Instead of having sales executives persuading people to try out new products while standing in the checkout queue, consider utilizing digital signage \ to promote products. Sixty-six percent of customers said they would be convinced to buy products advertised through digital signage2. Point-of-sale (PoS) retail digital signage is prevalent among food joints in getting people to make additions to their order.

Another 66 percent of shoppers3 even said that they do not want human interactions while shopping, hence companies can maximize sales through PoS advertising.

5. Customize Content

Unlike static signages, digital ones can be customized in multiple ways. You can target based on peak hours/days, demographics, demand-supply, competition, etc. With retail digital signage you can switch from one message to another with just a click. You can even tailor the content to attract specific customers who may be window-shopping in your store.

6. Product Information

Customers nowadays are looking up product information even when they are inside a store. Digital signage solutions can be utilized to display product information and can even help customers to compare products quickly.

A study found that 75 percent of shoppers4 would like hand-held or fixed devices to browse inventory and prices while shopping. This takes off the burden from sales staff in having to attend to all customers during peak hours.

7. Analytics

One of the key benefits of digital signage is the ability to understand data. It can show you which products have been searched for the most or which product advertisement did not perform as expected. Accordingly, retailers can alter their offers or promotions based on the data. These analytics can help in improving sales and keeping them consistent.

8. Connect Offline to Online

Brands can use retail digital signage to connect their offline presence with their online stores. If a product is not available in-store or too many people are waiting in line, lead them to your online alternatives such as your e-commerce store or your social media pages.

Retail digital signage solutions offer convenience, flexibility, and help to enhance the shopping experience. With the right strategies, retailers can drastically improve the shopping experience and grow their brand. Explore how a major brand benefited by implementing the latest Scala digital technology in this case study.



About the Author

Esther Chew is the Sr. Manager – Corp Comm & Marketing at STRATACACHE Asia-Pacific and is responsible for developing and implementing the internal and external communications strategy and programmes across Asia-Pacific. She drives the company’s corporate image and brand messaging through integrated and strategic communications leveraging various platforms such as executive communication, client communication, digital marketing, media relations and B2B events.

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