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6 Ways Digital Signage Makes
Supermarket Wayfinding Easier – Vlog

Blog written by Tara Nichols

With grocery retail booming in Asia-Pacific and 61% of people still finding grocery shopping in-store an “enjoyable and engaging experience”, shopping at bricks-and-mortar grocery stores is still highly popular. Grocery digital wayfinding signage contributes greatly to convenience and ease when shopping, with multiple potential uses across large-scale supermarkets, megastores and hypermarkets.

Well-designed wayfinding improves the customer experience, promotes engagement and builds customer trust.

Digital signage improves supermarket wayfinding

Watch this video to discover how digital signage can be used to deliver seamless and convenient wayfinding in supermarkets.

Scala CMS

Scala offers grocery stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets a range of solutions for easy wayfinding.

  • Large-format digital screens can clearly denote store sections and help customers see a clear pathway to the store sections they need
  • Digital wayfinding kiosks allow access to wayfinding apps or store directories to help shoppers plan their route
  • Commercial tablets can be equipped with wayfinding capabilities to help shoppers navigate their way around a large store.
  • Digital hanging aisle signs allow customers to easily identify product categories at a distance
  • Digital standees and entryway kiosks can display a store map or wayfinding app to help shoppers plan the best route through the store.

Scala transforms the grocery shopping experience

Partnering with Scala enables you access to leading marketing technology that transforms ordinary, everyday tasks like grocery shopping into extraordinary customer experiences. Discover Scala’s solutions for grocery and retail.

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Tara Nichols, Marketing Consultant at STRATACACHE Asia-Pacific, has a diverse background in marketing, social media and communications. Based in Australia, she supports STRATACACHE APAC’s social media and marketing activities, providing content ideation, writing and creative support services.

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