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CMS Content Manager

Content Manager

Control and customize playlists to deliver the right content to the intended audiences at the right time. Scala Content Manager is an easy-to-use.

CMS Designer

Scala Designer

The feature-rich content creation tool was specifically engineered for the digital signage market and can support a wide range of media formats from 4K videos to social media feeds.

CMS Media Player

Scala Player

The software component that resides within a Scala media player to power dynamic content, player-level scheduling and feature management functions.


Scala Designer Cloud

A web-based tool created for novice and intermediate users to produce beautiful, brand compliant and engaging digital signage from scratch or by using a provided template.


Scala Designer

Scala Designer is an intuitive design software to help marketers create professional, polished digital signage content easily. Simply combine elements such as text, images, video and animation for the ultimate engaging content. Scala Designer gives marketers more control over the final playback quality by offering live rendering.

Scala Designer Features


Make it Dynamic

Seamlessly combine text, graphics, sound and video into broadcast-quality multimedia. Preview exactly how it will appear, even full-screen.


Live Rendering

Designer does not re-render your videos or other content formats, giving you more creative control over the final playback quality.


Amazing Transition

Designer allows you to take advantage of hundreds of smooth, full-screen effects and transitions built into the Scala playback engine.


Language Support

Create your content in dozens of languages with support for most international writing systems (including European languages, Asian languages, Arabic, Hebrew, and more).


Design Versatility

Design for landscape, portrait or video walls. Content can be auto-rotated and scaled to perfectly fit your displays.


Template Design

Design great templates and keep your look clean and consistent while letting any internet user easily add content and text


Option Scripting

Programmers can dive into the ScalaScript language or use supported Windows Scripting languages such as VBScript, JavaScript or Python.


Publish Your Work

When complete, publish your content to Scala Content Manager where it is scheduled and distributed to Scala Players.

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